Move-and-Earn is a relatively new phenomenon that includes various products and services. These are platforms that motivate and reward users for staying fit, by unlocking an additional revenue stream for participating in their usual physical activities or taking part in specific fitness-related challenges. They are part of the Play-To-Earn (P2E) trend, where users are also rewarded in cryptographic tokens for playing these games.
These platforms aim to encourage fitness by helping to reduce obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Indeed, researchers have recently found that improving cardiorespiratory fitness significantly reduces all-cause and disease mortality, as an individual's maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) is strongly correlated with life expectancy.
Much like the Play-To-Earn revolution, allowing players to earn items in cryptographic, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), JustMove works similarly but uses the Move-To-Earn concept.
The application tracks users' activities with the GPS functions of mobile devices and connected objects and motivates users by offering several activity modes. Users can participate in virtual races, challenges with friends and set personal goals to achieve. They can also record their activities, view their statistics, and share them with the community in the application's social feed.
JustMove motivates and rewards users with a gamification concept including progression levels, badges, NFT Heroes and 2 types of crypto tokens:
  • the Jmove utility cryptographic token;
  • and non-fungible (NFT) cryptographic tokens.
Token holders can use them to create new NFT Heroes, train them, acquire in-game items and vote in governance decisions. They can also use tokens to unlock additional challenge levels and to get discounts on in-app products and services.
In future versions, users will also be able to set personal challenges and offer cash rewards if challenges are successfully completed.
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