NFT Health Centers

What is it?

Each NFT Health Center grants ownership of a parcel in the Metaverse equipped with a health Center. The NFT owner will partner with JustMOVE to develop his center and offer it for hosting coach(es).

How to participate?

Simply put, all you need to do for now is to purchase an NFT health Center. As the number of health centers is limited, interested Players should follow our news to be among the first to purchase the NFTs. The price will automatically increase as we release more and more NFTs.

When can you join?

NFT Health Centers are released progressively into the game with a first batch to be made available throughout March and April 2023. The first comers will benefit from a lower purchase price.

Overall, we have capped the number of health centers that could be released in the game. Once the cap is reached, sales of NFTs health Centers will be closed and the only way to get hold of such NFT would be through purchasing it in secondary markets.

Waiting List

Each NFT Health center owner will have the chance to either rent himself the space to a coach of his choice or to get a position on the waiting list of JustMOVE. When the specific position comes up, JustMOVE will propose a coach to rent the space and Owner will have the option to accept or refuse. In the case of refusal, the next Owner in the list will have priority, and so on and so forth.

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