What is a Validator?

What is a Validator in JustMOVE?

Validators oversee the integrity and fair play of the game and ensure transparent decision-making is taken in a decentralized manner. They will play a major role overseeing the anti-cheating system and reporting suspicious activities. Once reported by an Activity Validator, the verdict is managed in a decentralized manner through a voting system among all validators. The outcome of the vote is determined through the majority and considered then to be the truth.

How to become a Validator?

Any Player wanting to become a Validator needs first to purchase a Validator NFT. JustMOVE will release a limited number of NFTs progressively into the market with a cap on the overall releasable NFTs.

Once the NFT is purchased, Validator activity level along with the ranking system will ensure that all holders are playing their role in the best interest of the community.

How can Validators accomplish their role?

Activities' Validators will have access to a special mode in the gaming app where they can check users' data integrity that generates rewards. They will have to assess the feasibility of activities claimed by Players and report cheating behavior. In the case that a Validator detects a fraud/cheating, he will submit the activity along with his conclusions to all Validators for voting.

Complementary roles

Validators will play a key role in the decentralization of JustMOVE. Further down the road, they will be voting on other decision making requiring transparency and avoidance of subjectivity. For instance, Creators joining our studios will be accepted based on their merits/work rather than in a subjective manner and always in the best interest of the community.

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