3 Notification Systems

The application integrates 3 notification systems to communicate with the Players of the application:

  1. Push Notifications: messages are sent directly to a Player's mobile device.

  2. In-App Notifications: messages are displayed on the application's homepage.

  3. Pop-Up Notifications: messages are displayed in a full-screen format in the JustMOVE application.

To respect Players’ privacy, the application does not communicate any notifications between 9 pm (21h00) and 8 am, based on the Player's location. Depending on the Player's preferences, notifications in the application can be enabled or disabled.

6 Categories

There are 6 categories of notifications:

  1. Race invitations.

  2. Public events.

  3. Group invitations.

  4. User activities.

  5. Friend requests.

  6. Digital wallets.

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