JustMOVE is a gamified fitness World encompassing physical world, VR fitness as well as the Metaverse. We seek to create an immersive experience for all Players to enjoy their preferred workouts, in real world and virtual reality, and earn rewards and tokens exchangeable in a sustainable manner between the different Actors. The ultimate vision is to create a real fusion between those worlds of the ecosystem, the JustMOVE World.

As further explained in the Actor section of the Whitepaper, each Actor has a specific role to play and a valuable contribution to bring to the community. The more accurately and actively this role is performed, the more rewards are collected, since our fair play system grants proportional earning to the contributions made.

Furthermore, JustMOVE Metaverse is the cornerstone of this fusion between the worlds: Players are invited in the Metaverse to take real world challenges in order to unlock doors and features in the Metaverse. One they achieve such challenges; they unlock hidden spaces and features in the Metaverse.

We believe that the contribution of the various types of Actors in the ecosystem is of utmost importance to the success of the fitness Game. Each Player has his own role to play that fits the overall objective of having a complete ecosystem, self-sustainable while offering interoperability with others, with the vision of achieving complete decentralization of the game evolution in the near future.

Web3 Gamified fitness app bridging both worlds: Real and Metaverse

JustMOVE ® is a Web3 Game Fitness app that rewards Players’ activities with MKI tokens, NFTs and Climate rewards when they move in the real world and the Metaverse.

Motivate and Reward Players

The concept is relatively new and aims to motivate and reward Players for staying fit by participating in their usual physical activities or participating in specific fitness-related challenges.

JustMOVE uses the Move and Earn concept to create a unique gamified fitness ecosystem, combining real-world and Metaverse fitness activities and rewarding Players for adopting active lifestyles.

The application tracks Players' activities with the GPS functions of mobile devices and connected objects both in the real world and the Metaverse.

Free in App Store and Google Play

The app is available for free download on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. It is offered in both French and English.

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