Anti-cheating system

To Monitor Cheating

Three mechanisms are used to monitor cheating in the JustMOVE application. Cheaters detected may lose their rewards.

  1. GPS tracking and analysis with artificial intelligence to detect anomalies such as the use of a motor vehicle;

  2. Motion sensor and health data integrated into the mobile application;

  3. Machine learning to detect cheating through data simulation.

NFT Activities Validators

Furthermore, to ensure fair gaming practices are followed, Validators will play an instrumental role in the decentralized assessment of compliance.

Validators have the responsibility to use the JustMOVE provided tools in order to detect fraudulent or suspicious activities performed by Players that break the rules of the gameplay.

Disciplinary measures

If a Validator has reasonable doubts that a Player conducted unfair gaming practices, he shall submit the evidence to all other validators for voting.

When more than 50% of the votes assess that the Player conducted unfair gaming practices, the following actions are taken:

  • Retrieving JustMOVE points from the Player’s account;

  • Disqualifying the Player from a potential reward/prize;

  • Suspending Player’s account;

  • Banning the account.

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