Health Challenges

Health Challenges are designed to encourage Players to move more, thanks to motivational support coming from communities, friends and families. There are 3 main categories of challenges.

One-On-One Challenges are meant for a Player to challenge another to complete a fitness quest and get rewarded. In this case, the reward is placed in escrow by the challenger in the JustMOVE platform and will be automatically released to the challenged Player upon successful completion. JustMOVE receives a fee for this service.

Group Challenges are meant for a group to stimulate all members to succeed in a fitness quest in order to share a reward. Similar to the One-On-One challenge, JustMOVE manages the challenge and related gifts kept in escrow and released upon completion. We also collect fees for the services provided.

Branded Challenges are meant for Brands and health Ambassadors/Influencers. They allow NFT Access Pass holders access to restricted areas and content as well as participation in associated Health Tournament. JustMOVE provides a turn-key solution to Brand Challenges encompassing provision of the appropriate environment, quests, and health tournament and generates a 10% fee from the sales of the NFT Access Passes.

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