NFT Collection

NFT Health Center

NFT Health Center grants ownership of a parcel in the Metaverse equipped with a Health Center, granting access to the real estate game in the JustMOVE Metaverse. The NFT owner will partner with JustMOVE to develop his center, unlock badges to expand his center and offer it for hosting coach(es).

NFT Activity Validators

NFT Activity Validator is limited in number and grants holders with the status of Activity Validator, meaning a role of overseeing game integrity and ensuring fair play across the ecosystem. Validators will report suspicious activities and frauds and vote on flags raised by other Validators. To compensate their effort, they will be paid in accordance with their activity level and accuracy of flags raised as further described in this program.

NFT Tournament Access Pass

NFT Tournament Access Pass grants holders the access to Health Tournaments' without any additional purchases. There are 4 categories of Tournament Access Passes that will be presold and targeting particular access levels:

  • Common: grants access to one monthly JustMOVE tournaments;

  • Rare: grants access to all JustMOVE tournaments;

  • Epic: grants access to all JustMOVE tournaments plus a Sponsored tournament;

  • Legendary: grants access to all tournaments including the Sponsored ones.

NFT Tournament Access Passes are sold in a limited number for each of the above mentionned categories. Afterwards, the only way to participate in a particular tournament is through the purchase of this tournament particular NFT Access Pass

NFT AI Studio

The NFT AI Studio grants ownership to an AI audio content studio ready to create scenario-based fitness audio such as the Prison Break, available in JustMOVE scenarios. Owners can host multiple Creators in their studio, as long as the Creator is approved by the team in a first stage and later on by the Validators to ensure a decentralized approach. There is a limited number of NFT AI Studio that will be released in the game.

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