Point System

Purpose of the Point System

The Point system is a mechanism of evaluating each Validator contribution into the ecosystem. The Point system grants higher ranking for active validators that are positively contributing to keeping up with fairness and integrity of the Game.

Valid and False Flags

At the beginning all Validators start the game with a score of 0 points. As the game progresses, they will win/lose Points that would be the basis for the calculation of their rewards.

Validators signaling a valid flag (decentralized Validators' consensus declares the reported Activity in breach of the rules and terms) earn 10 Validators' points.

Validators signaling a false flag (decentralized Validators consensus declares the reported Activity as conform to the rules and terms) lose 10 Validators' points.

Earning More Points

The more active the Validators, the more accurate their flags are, and the more points they earn.

If a Validator gets his points below an acceptable threshold, he will be temporarily banned from validating and voting.

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