The Program

Reward System

The Motivator Program is a reward system made available for Players that want to promote an active lifestyle and health awareness to their referred members.

In order to participate in this Program, all you need to do is to enroll and start inviting friends to join JustMOVE and adopt an active lifestyle.

Your objective as a Motivator is to grow your organization, motivate your community to move more, and actively participate in health events.

Get Paid with MKI Tokens

In exchange for your motivational support to the community of Players you referred, you get MKI tokens among other rewards every month.

The more involved you are in the program, the more MKI tokens you will earn on a recurring basis.

Monitoring Tools

At any time, a Motivator can see all his referred Players in his organization and get access to a comprehensive dashboard.

The dashboard allows Motivators to see the activity level of the people within their organization, and you will have all the tools and metrics to fulfill your role as a Motivator by inviting them to move more and actively participate in the organized health events.

Motivator Points (MPs)

Each month, Motivators will earn Motivator Points (MPs) based on the type of motivational activities they have done.

The points earned by each Motivator will be divided by the total points earned by all Motivators to determine the percentage of the PRIZE POOL reserved for Motivators.

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