Make an Impact

Generate positive impacts for health and the planet

JustMOVE's mission is to offer a fitness game app that creates positive impacts, not only on the health of its users, but also, on the planet by offsetting the carbon footprint of its players.

Make An Impact gave its name to the utility token of the JustMOVE app, the MKI token.

To motivate users to improve their health and that of the planet, a point system called Eco has been introduced in the app.

JustMOVE provides several ways for Players to offset their carbon footprint and collect Eco Rewards.

The players can participate in plogging activities, transportation offset and planting trees.

Donation System (Under Development)

Users can choose to donate their Eco Earnings, which will be swapped to USDC/Fiat, and donate to Carbon Credit Buying/Burning. Donation is voluntary.

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