54 levels and 10 game ranks

The JustMOVE app contains 54 levels shared between 10 game ranks in which Players evolve.
The Player's level is determined by how many XP Experience Points they have. When a Level-up occurs, the Player gets rewarded with JustMOVE Points as a recognition of his loyalty recognizing his experience in the JustMOVE Ecosystem.
Levels and Ranks
How to get it
By accumulating XP Experience Points.
What does this bring to the game
Give JustMOVE points when changing levels. Access to new experiences when levelling up, opening Metaverse restricted areas and gives access to exclusive products in the marketplace.
Prerequisites to obtaining them
Install the free app. The Player can obtain the privileges associated with the level but must meet the conditions required to use them.
Prerequisites to using them
Must have an Avatar.
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