Creating Sustainable Value

With the interest of our ecosystem users as a core part of our core values, JustMOVE is committed to creating sustainable value and realizing our vision of helping people live healthier lifestyles.

In keeping with this mission and using lessons learned from other Move and Earn initiatives, the team has decided to fund the project on its own by investing directly in the development of the ecosystem.

No Tokens Pre-Sale

We did not rely on pre-sale tokens to raise the initial funding for the project.

This strategy, combined with our Ambassador and Motivators programs, is far more valuable on the long run, both for marketing and for the sustainability of the company, generating revenues for true believers in our cause and real-added value brought to JustMOVE community.

Tokenomics Strategy

JustMOVE's tokenomics strategy is based on the fundamental business principle of providing superior products and services that generate profits, with stakeholders happy to pay the right price for high-value benefits.

Our tokenomics is designed so that most of the tokens distributed are supported with revenue generated from the value-added products and services provided to Players. As discussed in more detail, a significant portion of the revenue is used to redeem tokens, fund liquidity pools and reward players.

Reversing the Paradigm

This last element is of utmost importance because, unlike other projects, player utility tokens are distributed after revenue generation, thus reversing the paradigm of distributing tokens for the purpose of generating revenue.

The initial distribution of tokens comes out of our internal marketing budget for project promotion and therefore does not affect the fundamental tokenomics we have in place.

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