Studio AI

Content Creation Studio

JustMOVE's AI Studio allows creators to design game fitness audios to create races with scenarios within the JustMOVE app.

  • Allows Creators and Partners to generate new revenue streams with their communities.

  • Supports multi-language simultaneous generation.

  • It can integrate any fitness and gameplay scenario.

Using Artificial Intelligence

JustMOVE is the only fitness app in the world that uses artificial intelligence to generate dynamic audio when a Player moves in the real world.

  • The integration is so powerful that it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the voice generated by artificial intelligence and that of a human.

  • Players who want to be more motivated can activate personalized audio coaching. Depending on their goals and results, the coach will produce coaching audios tailored to each individual.

  • This intelligence also allows the creation of personalized audio content for each participant in real time.

Dynamically driven voice content

A contextual thematic scenario with dynamically driven voice content that is displayed according to the Player's position within the scenario.

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