NFT AI Studio

What is it?

Players that purchase an NFT AI Studio would have ownership of an AI Studio that could host Creators. Studio owners will be compensated made in finding Creators adding value to the scenario based events.

How to participate?

Simply put, all you need to do for now is to purchase an NFT Ai Studio . As the number of NFTs is limited, interested Players should follow our news to be among the first to purchase .The price will automatically increase as we release more and more NFTs.

Waiting List

Each NFT AI Studio will have the chance to assign one or more Creators to develop scenario-based content for fitness journeys. Also, we provide a waiting list for those Studio Owners that didn't find at least a Creator for their Studio. When the specific position comes up, JustMOVE will propose a Creator to be assigned to your Studio and you will have the option to accept or refuse. In the case of refusal, the next Owner in the list will have priority, and so on and so forth.

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